Learn Why Allen Street is World Famous and Why You Should Come Visit

Learn Why Allen Street is World Famous and Why You Should Come Visit

See the World Famous Comedy Gun Show at Old Tombstone Western Theme Park!
When in our neck of the woods, be sure to visit world famous Allen Street. During the booming 1880s, this was the main thoroughfare of the famous Old West town of Tombstone, Arizona,  and it’s still at the center of the main business and tourist district of Tombstone today.

What was it like to stroll down Allen Street in March 1883? Well, on just one short stretch you’d find the Eagle Brewery, Cancan Chop-House, French Rotisserie, Alhambra, Maison Dore, City of Paris, Brown’s Saloon, Fashion Saloon, Miners’ Home, Kelly’s Wine-House, the Grotto, the Tivoli, and two more unnamed saloons.

Naturally there was violence too. Even though he survived the Gunfight at the OK Corral a year earlier, Morgan Earp was playing billiards in a bar on Allen Street when he was shot and killed by an unknown assailant, with his brother Wyatt looking on.

Today, Allen Street attracts people from all over who are looking for the excitement and enchantment of the Wild West days. The street is lined with a variety of businesses, from restaurants and bars to souvenir shops selling all sorts of Western memorabilia.

And if you want to get a real idea of how it was to witness those gunfights back in Old Tombstone, then come visit Tombstone this summer and head right over to Old Tombstone Western Theme Park for our world famous Comedy Gunfight. Folks from all over the world have given us five-star reviews, and for good reason! Our cowboys put on quite a hilarious and explosive reenactment of those historic gunfights that keep tourists and locals flocking here.

The Gunfight at the OK Corral is just one of the actual events we draw on for our authentic action. If you’re a sharp-eyed Western fan, you’re also liable to recognize tributes to movies like “Tombstone” and others.

The stunts are amazing and are performed by award-winning professional actors as they recreate scenes from the best of the West. And if you’ve a mind to, you can see the show three times a day! It’s just part of what we do at Old Tombstone Western Theme Park to make the Wild, Wild West come alive for you.

Bring your whole family to Old Tombstone Western Theme Park because we have lots of different activities along with our world renowned comedy gunfights. Visit our website to see all the theme park attractions.

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