The Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Tombstone, Arizona

The Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Tombstone, Arizona

It probably wouldn’t surprise you that Tombstone, Arizona, is considered one of the most haunted cities associated with the Wild West. After all, with all of the lawlessness, the murders, and seedy behavior, it’s no wonder many people who have visited this area say that they have seen ghosts and/or experienced weird, freaky things happening.
We’ve put together a list of the most haunted places in Tombstone. Some of them you may have heard of before, especially if you watch any of the Ghost Hunting TV shows like “Ghost Adventures” or “Ghost Hunters.” The creators and staff of these shows have been to Tombstone! There’s no denying that these places have a dark and troubled history. If you’re ever in Tombstone, be sure to check them out…if you’re brave enough! 

Here are the top five most haunted places in Tombstone: 
#1  Tombstone Western Theme Park Haunted Trolley Tours
If you’re looking to learn about the history of Tombstone, there’s no better way than to take one of these historical trolley tours. This spine-tingling 30 minute tour covers three miles of world famous locations and highlights all the major haunted hotspots in the city, from the old churches to Boot Hill Cemetery. And on Friday and Saturday nights, don’t miss our highly acclaimed haunted tour, which takes you to the 13 most haunted places in Tombstone. You’ll hear firsthand accounts of ghostly encounters at each stop, including the Buford House, the Bird Cage Theatre and Boot Hill Cemetery.
For instance, the trolley guide will tell you the gruesome details of the O.K. Corral as he takes you there. It truly is one of the most famous haunted locations in the west. The spirits of those who died in the gunfight on October 26, 1881 are said to still linger here. Visitors have reported seeing figures dressed in clothing of that time, hearing gunshots and screams, and even feeling a sense of foreboding when they enter the corral. Some say that the spirits are restless because they were never able to resolve their differences in life. Others believe that they are still fighting over the same piece of land that they fought for back in 1881. Regardless of the reason, there is no doubt that the O.K. Corral is still haunted by the cowboys and lawmen who lost their lives here. And you get to go see it along with many other stops when you hop on Old Tombstone Western Theme Park’s Trolley Tour. 

#2  Bird Cage Theatre
The Bird Cage Theatre was one of the most popular late-night attractions in Tombstone, Arizona. The establishment offered a theater, saloon, brothel, and gambling parlor all under one roof. However, the Bird Cage was also infamous for its many deaths. In total, 26 people met their ends at the Bird Cage, with murder, suicide, and shootouts accounting for the majority of the fatalities. One of the most famous murder cases occurred in 1881 when a woman known as the “Painted Lady” was stabbed to death with a stiletto. Despite its dark history, the Bird Cage Theatre is still standing today and is open to the public for tours.

#3  Boothill Grave
Boothill Graveyard is the most famous cemetery in Tombstone. The name came from the fact that most of the corpses buried there still had their boots on. They died fully clothed because in gunfights, death was usually instant; can you imagine living in that kind of society? Some of Tombstone’s most famous outlaws, Frank and Tom McLaury, and Billy Clanton, are buried in Boothill. It isn’t the town’s first cemetery, but it’s had the most ghost sightings, which shouldn’t be much of a shocker considering how many fights to the finish ended right here. Many believe these troublemakers are still roaming around wreaking havoc…probably with their boots on! Tourists love coming here because they can get up close and personal with some of America’s most notorious gunfighters.

#4  The Buford House
The Buford House was built in 1880 by George Washington Buford. Being a Texas mining executive, Buford was doing extremely well in life together with his wife, Anne. However, they never expected the horrors that would soon come. Fire had been a big problem in the area, and on that fateful night in 1887, their house was not spared. The whole house was engulfed in flames, and trapped inside were the Bufords and their children. All of them perished in the fire except for their daughter, who was rescued by firefighters. The tragedy left the townspeople reeling. Many of them were personal friends of the family and had known them for years. No one could understand how such a tragic event could happen to such good people. The Buford House now stands as a reminder of that fateful night. It is said that if you listen closely, you can still hear the screams of the children echoing through the halls.

#5 Big Nose Kate’s Saloon
Big Nose Kate’s Saloon is one of the most historic buildings in Tombstone, Arizona. The saloon was originally built in the 1800s by Mary Katherine Horony – better known as the common-law wife of gunfighter Doc Holliday – and it was known as the Grand Hotel. The hotel was a popular destination for famous personalities like the Earp brothers, the Clantons, and the McLaurys. The saloon is said to be haunted by the ghosts of past locals, and many visitors report seeing spooky sightings and hearing strange noises. Actually this site is world famous for fans of the supernatural. Plenty of ghosts have been glimpsed, along with a number of other paranormal phenomena, including cold spots, strange lights, and moving objects. These chills and thrills have been experienced by hundreds of visitors. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is no denying that Big Nose Kate’s Saloon is a fascinating place with a rich history.
So there you have it, the top five haunted places in Tombstone, AZ that must be visited while you’re in the area or planning a summer vacation this year.
If you have any questions or need help planning your trip, be sure to contact us here at Old Tombstone Western Theme Park and we will be happy to help in any way we can.
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We hope this article helped you know about the haunted sites in Tombstone of the Western Theme Park. Thank you for reading the entire piece with patience. See you at the Old Tombstone!

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